Stage Hire 3

The stage area is 24ft x 20ft (7.3m x 6.0m). It is made from fifteen (15) 8ft x 4ft decks.
The stage height is 4ft by default (1.2m), however you can have the height altered to suit your needs.
The canopy size of a Stage 3 is 25ft x 22ft (7.7m x 7.0m) and 12ft (3.6m) high.
You can have the steps positioned either to the left, right or both sides of the stage. You will have one front valance and extra valances to cover the back and sides o the stage. Included in this stage are back and side walls, however you have the option to remove these if you wish. We can add a ramp instead of steps.
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Stage Hire 3 Extras

Arc Stage 3 with Front extension

Front / Catwalk Extention

Front extension to add another row of decks to the existing stage.
Catwalk extension to add a runway to the existing stage.

Arc Stage 3 with Accessibility ramp

Accessibility Ramp

The accessibility ramp is available upon request.
Our ramp is suitable for wheelchair users.
The ramp is a minimum of 12:1 ratio but can be extended.
The ramp includes handrail for health and safety.

Stage 3 with Branding


Full digitally printed banners, back walls, side walls and valances.
All we need is your artwork in .AI, .pdf or .eps or our team can design for you.
Sizes and prices are available upon request.
For our brochure please click here to download

Stage 3 with PA Decks

PA Decks

PA decks in two sizes 4ft x 4ft or 8ft x 4ft.
The PA decks will be placed either side of the stage.
Other PA deck sizes are available upon request.

Stage 3 with PA Wings

PA Wings

PA wings are attached to the main structure.

Stage 3 with PA Towers

PA Towers

PA tower are separate structure from the main structure.

Stage 3 Fully covered wings

PA Fully Covered Wings

Fully covered PA wings are separate structures from the main structure.
There are two sizes: 11ft x 8ft and 15ft x 8ft.
The PA wings are placed on either side of the stage.